Gedsted & region

The history of Gedsted dates back to the Viking Age, with the church as the oldest preserved building, built in the 12th century. It is believed that "Geedstath" has been a traffic hub already in the period 1000 - 1100, where a bridge should have been built over Lerkenfeld river, which has an estuary to the fjord at Gedsted. The royal house had for a long time a farm just outside Gedsted, back then called "Hollummark", today the area at the fjord is called Holmmark. This is known from a letter written by widowed queen Agnes and son Erik Menved, dated to 1289, about 2 years after the young boy had been deployed as king, after his father was murdered in the Finnerup barn. Queen Magrethe I also wrote several letters from the farm in the 1400s, so there have been royal visits in and around the city in the past.

Throughout time, the primary occupations have been agriculture and fishing, and until the 1800s Gedsted has been one of the larger towns in the area. However, that changed when it was decided to position the railway along the new and smaller town of Ålestrup, after which it grew rapidly. Today there are several companies in the city, one of the oldest and best known is the Getama furniture factory which started as Gedsted Tang-Madras factory. Throughout the 1900s there has been a rich business life in the town, but as in so many other villages of 1000 inhabitants size, shops and small businesses began to close down, up through the 80's. However, Gedsted is still a lively village with many associations and opportunities for shopping and good experiences. Surrounded by magnificent scenery along the fjord and the valley along the Lerkenfeld river, where there are also opportunities for fishing and beautiful hiking routes. Below you can read more about some of it.

Eating and shopping

Located just 100 meters from 11'eren, Den Gamle Foderstof offers coffee, specialty beers, lunch and dinner, and home-made ice cream. Furthermore, they offer different kinds of art, handcraft, cheeses, wines and much more. The cheeses are from Thise dairy and the blue mold cheeses are produced at the dairy, next to the Den Gamle Foderstof.

Den Gamle Foderstof
Østergade 25, 9631 Gedsted
Tlf. 61622325

On the other side of the road and 50 meters to the right you find Gedsted Pizzeria which makes delicious pizzas and other take away. They can be enjoyed there or brought home to the 11'eren.

Gedsted Pizzeria
Østergade 4, 9631 Gedsted
Tlf. 88976767

Drivhuset is an organic restaurant and grocery store located in the village of Vesterbølle, approx. 3 km. from Gedsted. They have lots of homemade products and imported specialty items. In addition, it is a Buddhist center with courses in yoga and meditation.

Korsholmvej 178, Vesterbølle, 9631 Gedsted
Tlf. 98645655

The village's only grocery store is just around the corner, Dagli Brugsen. They have the most common groceries and at reasonable prices. Here is also common kiosk items, a small bakery and post office.

Dagli Brugsen
Vesterbro 2, 9631 Gedsted
Tlf. 98645024

Nature and activities

There is ample opportunity for hiking in the area around Gedsted, along the fjord and the river and on small roads and trails. Two of the routes are arranged by an organisation Spor i Landskabet, they are 2.5 and 7 km respectively.

The routes offer beautiful scenery with views to the Limfjord and beyond Lovns Bredning. They pass through the almost untouched area of Paradiset (paradise), just outside Gedsted.  Link til ruterne

Livø is a small island located in the Limfjord off the town of Rønbjerg, from where you also reach a ferry to the island. It's about 27 km. from 11'eren to Rønbjerg, so it's easy to visit on a day trip. At Livø there are no cars, only the island's tractor which also carries luggage from the ferry to it's small village. The island is known for its beautiful and unique nature and the seals that you may be lucky to see on seaweed. The island is so small that you can walk around in a couple of hours.

Click on the picture to visit the island's website!

If you fancy an active day, Landal Greenpark in Rønbjerg is recommended. It is open year-round and offers plenty of activities for the whole family. Water park, bowling, tennis, squash, laser games, archery and much more. Visit their website and see the rest of the options by clicking on the image.

Landal Rønbjerg
Livøvej 80, 9681 Ranum
Tlf. 70232030


Himmerlands Golf and Spa. 28 km. from Gedsted, just outside Gatten, you will find Himmerlands golf resort. The courses are in beautiful surroundings and all necessary equipment can be rented for a day. They have 3 courses, 2 of them with 18 holes and a small beginner's course with 9 holes.

After the day's game of golf, you can enjoy their spa or dinner at one of their 3 restaurants.

Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort
Centervej 1, 9640 Farsø
Tlf. 96496100

Art and culture

In 2018, Gedsted was visited by the Dutch artist Joram Roukes , who painted motifs on both sides of the 26 meters high silo that was previously part of Gedsted Mill.

The project is a part of KIRK Gallery’s gavlmaleri projektcalled “Out in the open”. The silo can be seen from most of the village as it is high in the landscape, and it is located approx. 500 meters from the 11'eren

TV2Nord released this article about the project, where you can also watch a video taken during construction.

The Stone Age Center in Ertebølle is also an exciting visit. So many settlements and effects have been found in the area, that one speaks of a decidedly "Ertebølle culture". Furthermore, it is an area where many fossils have been found, and still is being found, because of the molar along the fjord.

The village of Ertebølle is 18 km. from Gedsted in the direction of Løgstør and also offers an exciting area for walks along the Limfjord and in the hills around it.

Gl. Møllevej 8, Ertebølle, 9640 Farsø
Tlf.: 98 63 67 88


Vitskøl Monastery. The monastery was built in 1158 and was donated to the area by Valdemar the Great as thanks for the victory over King Svend at the Battle of Grathe hede. The monastery is only 20 km away. from Gedsted and can be suitably visited if you are on a trip to Livø, Ertebølle or the golf courses (see above).

It is open from May to September and daily from 10am to 5pm.

Vitskøl Kloster
Viborgvej 475
9681 Ranum

The manor Hessel is located by the small port town of Hvalpsund and at the far end of the Lovns peninsula, 11 km. from Gedsted. It is Denmark's last 4-length thatched manor house and contains a museum, a large orchard and an agriculture with old animal breeds. It is open from May to September, but Mondays are closed.

A suggestion could be to combine with a walk in the beautiful scenery or a visit to the harbor in Hvalpsund. Also an ideal bike ride through the village of Alstrup and around the peninsula.

Herregården Hessel
Hesselvej 40, 9640 Farsø
Tlf. 98638125


The Danish Bicycle Museum is located in Ålestrup, 10 km. from the 11'eren. The museum is open from 10am to 5pm in the period May 1 to September 30. In addition to bicycles, the exhibition also offers mopeds, wheelchairs, sewing machines and various TV / radio products.

Danmarks Cykelmuseum
Borgergade 10, 9620 Aalestrup
Tlf. 98641960