The house dates from 1887 - and thus has a long history back in time.

Long time back the house was a barber shop. Mr. Andersen, as a 20-year-old, bought the house, which he then designed for both his private living and the barber shop.

Studstrup had a shop on other side of the road. He allowed the barber to borrow money for, among other things, scissors and soap. Typically a 6-7 kroner, which was then paid with 50 ore a week.

In the 1980s Sparekassen Fjends bought the house and set up a bank. At the time the house underwent a major renovation. They inserted a large bank box, which to this day, can be seen.

However, the bank did not last many years in the city and later the house passed to Inger Grøn Nielsen.

We - Michael and Bettina - took over the house in September 2017 by Inger (and Søren). As a dental technician, Inger had her own clinic in the house for 22 years.

The house was groomed and looked well after for many years - but had now been empty for some years. That's why it was now possible for us to buy it - and we quickly decided that it should benefit some other people.

We had a dream to change it to be able to receive happy guests - and it has now come true. We think the village deserves a place to accommodate guests, which it now can offer.

So, in the time after the acquisition we renovated the necessary, and the house was ready to receive guests for the summer of 2018. Here Michael is seen painting the living room.

Below is a photo found at the local history archive in Gedsted - from the time it hosted a hairdressing salon.